Reminiscence EP out now!

coverThe acoustic guitar album Reminiscence is out now on iTunes, Magnatune, Spotify and other digital channels! It’s an album with five cool guitar tracks and got a glowing review in the Dutch magazine Muziekwereld:

In his playing, Emiel Stöpler incorporates miniaturistic details, dramatic arpeggios and dreamy soundscapes on six strings, at a very high performance level. The recording is crystal clear, lets you hear every detail with an exuberant performance.

Listen and more info here!


Portrait Emiel StöplerAfter trying the drums and the clarinet, I was enraptured by classical guitar at the age of seventeen. I immediately began to compose in a filmic style, inspired on classical music, jazz and pop, for various instrumentations, ranging from acoustic to electronic.

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Video of Fair Skies by Het Zwols Collectief

Recently, Het Zwols Collectief performed my piece Fair Skies in the Plantagekerk in Zwolle, The Netherlands. We were able to shoot a good video of this memorable event: